Organic Bamboo Tongue Cleaner

Organic Bamboo Tongue Cleaner

₹ 150  ₹ 99

L 11 X H 11 X W 2 CM

Ships In: 1-3 days Delivery In: 7-12 days


Organic Bamboo Tongue Cleaner for maintaining oral hygiene and dental care. 100 percent biodegradable, no sharp edges, gentle on tongue, cleans the tongue in one swipe and improves tongue health with medicinal and organic properties of bamboo. Offers a comfortable grip and covers large areas to clean. Size 11 by 2 by 11 cms.


Bamboo tongue cleaner 100 percent biodegradable, No sharp edges, Sterilize with warm water every day before use, will reduce the bacteria built up.


₹ 150 ₹ 99

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